How do I find my picture? All images are in a gallery from each event. Whenever possible, the image is renamed to reflect the rider in the image. Galleries are arranged by riders last name in alphabetical order.

Can I use a keyword to find my photo? Yes- Because each image is renamed using the simple link www.lukaitisphoto.smugmug.com/keyword/ridername and replace ridername with the rider you are trying to find. You will be taken to a page that has every image we have of that rider.

Can I buy photos from professional races?  We are sorry but we do not sell prints of professional racers from national and supercross events. Those images are available for editorial and advertising use. If you are a family member requesting a riders image, special arrangements can be made.

What is Smugmug? They are the photo hosting service we use to host and arrange for sales of our prints. They will facilitate any purchases and arrange for processing of the images purchased through the professional lab we've chosen (Bay Photos) .

Will my prints have the watermark? No- Prints purchased through the website will not have the watermark applied.

Can I use photos on my Facebook, Instagram or Website? Yes, images can be purchased as digital downloads for these uses. Simply purchase the digital download and you will be ok to use the images. If you are interested in multiple images for editorial purposes please contact Scott at the following email address scott@lukaitisphoto.com and a suitable fee can be arranged.

Other questions- Please contact scott@lukaitisphoto.com or any of the social networks we are active on. 

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